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Creation of an integrated, intermodal, cross-border transport generation and conversion model

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Background & Policy context

The fall of the Iron Curtain and the accession of Hungary to the EU have resulted in economic integration in the CENTROPE region. This integration causes a sharp increase of traffic volume. Therefore, it will become more and more important in the future to provide suitable infrastructure in public as well as motorized individual transport in order to be able to meet future traffic demand in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner. In order to make investment decisions, traffic models are increasingly being used to simulate the effects. Existing transport models are usually at the borders of political administrative units for administrative or cost reasons, but they are not able to adequately depict the effects of cross-border or cross-border infrastructure projects. This gap should be concluded within the framework of the submitted project for the border region AT-SK-HU.


The aim of the project is to expand the cross-border transport model  which is under construction for the Vienna-Lower-Burgenland-Bratislava-Trnava region around the Hungarian region West Pannonia (Györ-Moson-Sopron, Vas, Zala) and parts of Styria in order to support the planning processes in the field of infrastructure planning in this area.


Parent Programmes


Within the scope of the project were realized the following tasks:

  • Creation of an integrated traffic conversion and traffic generation model
  • Integration and test of traffic generation and traffic conversion model
  • Scenario definition, analysis and evaluation

Policy objectives

The project produced a tool for planning of transport in the cross-border regions.



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