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Creation of an LNG road haulage market in a smart & quick way

Creation of an LNG road haulage market in a smart & quick way


The overall objective of the Action is to foster the use of LNG for road transport on the Mediterranean Corridor (Barcelona-Ljubljana) through a study and a pilot implementation. Additionally, the Action aims to study the implementation of LNG refuelling point in the Port of Barcelona as one key core node in the exchange of goods (starting and ending point for road freight transport).

During the Action 3 L-CNG refuelling stations will be deployed in 3 strategic points across the Mediterranean Corridor, in the Port of Barcelona (Spain), in La Jonquera (Spain) and in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Moreover, in the frame of the Action, data will be collected with a view to define the roll out plan of a full network along the Mediterranean corridor.

The collection of the data will be achieved through the trial operation and monitoring of the 3 stations implemented in the frame of the Action as well as 2 stations operating by the beneficiary in Italy and in France. The Action is expected to deliver a deployment plan, appropriate business models and overall recommendations of the proposed technologies and solutions onto the whole Mediterranean corridor.

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Slovenia, Spain
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Ham Criogenica

Parcela 11
8630 Barcelona
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