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Cross-Border Railway Project between Gyomaendrőd (HU) and Oradea (RO)

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The project focuses on the reconstruction plan of the Gyomaendrod (HU) - Szeghalom (HU) - Veszto (HU) - Cheresig (RO) - Toboliu (RO) - Oradea (RO) railway. On the Romanian side, the rail-line is still usable for transportation. However, on the Hungarian side the rails have been neglected for decades, are in bad shape or were even picked up. The Partners wish to achieve the project's main goal by the realization of the following proposed activities: elaborating feasibility, geodesic, geotechnical and railway technical studies and plans necessary for the reconstruction works; writing an economic study on the possible impact of the investment on the local, regional and cross-border economy. With the reconstruction of this railroad the affected towns, villages of the neighbouring regions would be connected to the circuits of the international transport systems once again. Thus the new railway will have a positive impact on the standard of living of the people of the communities concerned. The general objective of the project is improving cross-border transport facilities in order to promote the joint development of the co-operation area. The direct beneficiaries of the present project on the first place are the actors involved in the productive, manufacturing and commercial activities of the target area. The implementation of the project objectives, more specifically the restoring of the missing railway connections will have a prospering effect on their economic activities; it will increase the level of their sales management and of the exchange of cross-border experiences. Furthermore another direct target group of the project is the commuter population of the two micro-regions. By the rehabilitation of this international railway, the life and the inside or cross-border travelling of a wide range of the commuter population towards their workplaces or educational institutions would be greatly facilitated. Finally the tourists, being interested in the two specific cross-border areas, can be mentioned as a direct target group of the current project. By the ensuring of the adequate transportation circumstances the touristic attractiveness of the area will increase, and this will lead at least to the economic development


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2007 - 2013 Hungary - Romania (HU-RO)


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