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Data exchange with the Road Administration Data Exchange Format (RADEF) on the Trans European Network (TERN) (VSS1999/117)

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Background & Policy context

RADEF (Road Administration Data Exchange Format) is a research and development project of the EU DGVII at European level, which directorates, in close cooperation between the DGVII and European Road (Direction of European Road Directors, Sub Group 5) is realized.

Object and purpose of RADEF project is to exchange road-relevant data (traffic, obstacles, traffic jams, accidents, etc.) across borders compatible for the Trans European Road Network (TERN) and these data to the Statistical Office of the European Union (EUROSTAT) to save.

1996 - 1997 a data catalog for various disciplines (road network, traffic, accidents, etc.) was created in a first project. In addition, a conceptual data schema and an application for data exchange has been developed. The application has been tested in Denmark, Great Britain, Belgium and Switzerland.

In a second project, the Road Administration Data Exchange Format  is now connected with new technologies (GIS: Geographic Information Systems, Internet).


The project is aimed to:

  • Synchronize RADEF data dictionary with requirements for TERN data exchange
  • Specify data exchange process with respect of organizational and juristic aspects
  • Specify the requirements for GIS interface
  • Test new tool in Swiss environment


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Swiss Government: State Secretariat for Education and Research
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Update RADEF Data Catalogue remarks related to the requirements for RADEF Data Catalog can be summarized as follows: The business areas of spatial location and road network, traffic barriers, traffic, facilities, accidents and road conditions are to be extended with new types of information objects and code lists.

Areas road geometry trades, structures, routes and queries on the road network meet the current requirements of TERN. To support the process of delivery of TERN reports to the European Commission's full way, the data catalog will be complete with financial information.

To operate RADEF the following roles are required:

  • Data Coordination RADEF: responsible for the operation of RADEF tools and updating of database and the core, for production of TERN reports.
  • Technical Coordination RADEF: responsible for the technical integration of RADEF tools in the IT environment FEDRO.
  • Traffic data provider: responsible for the provision of data of road business domains, art works, electromechanical installations and finance.
  • External Data Provider: responsible for the provision of context data, such as base maps for geographic representations.

For the operation of RADEF, FEDRO must clarify the following legal issues:

To use RADEF licensing agreements for basic software and tools for RADEF must be established. To use third party data (eg data from the Federal Office of Topography) of data usage contracts are to establish with suppliers. For the use of specific data FEDRO user agreements are to be established with RADEF office (coordinating body at EU level).

The research report offers solutions for contract structures taking into account the organization.

From a technical perspective it was possible to test access to the road information system by coupling with RADEF STRADA-DB. For operation in a production environment the two possible variants (direct access to STRADA-DB or access to the basic salary) are to be analyzed in more detail. With the configuration RADEF coupled STRADA-DB it was possible to test the entire process: data selection, data exchange and mapping of data traffic on the TERN.

The following approach is proposed for the future: FEDRO should make the clarification of the legal aspects. RADEF should be used to TERN in the trades areas are available structured data (eg. description of the network, data traffic, accidents). FEDRO should establish the organization and infrastructure for a pilot o


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