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Delivering next generation Transport Management System to European transport SMEs


Delivering next generation Transport Management System to European transport SMEs

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State-of-the-art Transport Management Systems (TMS) conceived in modular approaches do not provide an all-in-one solution to answer SME business-related needs more broadly. To own a holistic TMS requires a long and expensive integration and customisation process which makes TMSs not affordable by SMEs who generally lack resources for it. Additionally, none of the current solutions are able to gather real time data to support real time optimisation decisions.

At Ruptela we are committed to developing a new, highly competitive and integrated platform providing all the necessary information to transport SMEs and representing an affordable solution for them: INTRANSYS.

INTRANSYS will use our award-winning fleet tracking and management platform TrustTrack as a foundation to integrate continuously updated traffic data, tracking services, rich communication with driver and eco-driving tools into a single cloudbased application. This real-time integration will allow transport companies to optimise operations on the go 24/7.

As the system will be an “all-inclusive” solution, it will drastically reduce the customisation and set-up process both in terms of time and costs. We will achieve these goals by providing a SaaS based pricing model adapted to SME size and usage. INTRANSYS’s ease of use, combined with a extremely competitive pricing strategy opens the door for the widespread commercial adoption by SME transport companies who dominate the European transport market. Note that we will allow massive savings on European transport SMEs (up to 19% of all transportation processes) while contributing to the European Commission’s goal of forcing the reduction of CO2 emissions of the transport industry.

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Periodic Reporting for period 1 - INTRANSYS (Delivering next generation Transport Management System to European transport SMEs)

Ruptela is a relatively young company which has been operating since 2007. During this short timespan Ruptela has showed significant growth and managed to demonstrate excellence in the field of fleet management solutions. Such success, coupled with a skilled team of engineers and managers, has forced the company to always be on the lookout for new challenges and product development opportunities. One of these opportunities was the Horizon 2020 programme which gave the necessary tools to identify and refine steps needed to create a transport management solution that would be attractive to European logistics companies.

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Ruptela Uab

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