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Demonstration of an optimal use u. technology-based expansion of Austria on the road i.d. traffic planning


Demonstration of an optimal use u. technology-based expansion of Austria on the road i.d. traffic planning
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Demonstration einer optimalen Nutzung u. technologiegestützten Erweiterung von Österreich unterwegs i.d. Verkehrsplanung

Background & policy context: 

The mobility survey“Österreich unterwegs” (ÖU) represent an important data source for mobility research, transport planning, and impact assessments in the mobility domain. Rapid technological development of traffic models introduces new requirements and potential for improvement of these data sources, particularly with respect to technologically surveyed individual mobility behaviour data. So far, there is a lack of broadly applicable roadmaps for the implementation of technological mobility survey methods, which support broad and future-oriented applications in traffic planning and research.


DISCOVER aims to analyze the potential for new applications, visualizations, and performance improvements of ÖU and novel technologically mobility surveys. Results and conclusions of the performed analyses and demonstrations are summarized in a roadmap for technological mobility surveys, which will be provided as a guide for the design of future surveys that continue the legacy of ÖU.

The key innovations of DISCOVER are:

  • Systematic comparison of ÖU data and data from smartphone-based technological surveys (FFG project PROVAMO) of detailed daily activities. Identification of strengths, weaknesses and the potential of these datasets, especially with respect to improved information on trip legs, travelled routes, place and time of mode changes, and completeness of walking and cycling trips for applications in mobility research and traffic planning.
  • Demo use of the datasets in a macroscopic traffic model (SEPP by Snizek+Partner, demand modelling with VISEVA and VISEM by PTV). Comparison with classic, state of the art data sources and alignment with experiences gained from applying the Upper Austrian household survey within the state traffic model.
  • Demo use of the datasets to improve an activity-oriented large-scale multi-agent MATSim simulation (FFG project MATCHSim). Analysis of the potential for improvements in the generation of synthetic populations and their mobility behaviour, including optimization of utility functions for (daily) activity plans.
  • Continuous use of modern visualization techniques for the exploration, analysis, and evaluation of the plausibility of input data and model results at all levels of the work flow.
  • Consolidation of results in a broadly applicable roadmap for technological mobility surveys to continue the legacy of ÖU.
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FFG - Die Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft
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MdZ - 6. Ausschreibung 2015
Lead Organisation: 

Ikk Engineering Gmbh

Fichtenstraße 11
4614 Marchtrenk
Partner Organisations: 

Ait- Austrian Institute Of Technology Gmbh

Donau-City-Strasse 1
1210 WIEN

Snizek + Partner Verkehrsplanungs Gmbh

Bergenstammgasse 7
1130 Wien
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