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Design of a system creating a fair transport market environment, including harmonisation of traffic infrastructure pricing

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Background & Policy context

It is not possible in the short run to create an absolutely fair market environment for all transport means or carriers within the frame of the EU by transport market deregulation only. Although this is a necessary condition, it is not sufficient on its own.


The primary objective of the project was to establish equal conditions for carriers and other transport infrastructure users.


Specification and diversification of the expression of "transport market harmonisation" at the following levels:

  • among the states within EU,
  • among modes of transport in the Czech Republic,
  • among carriers in each mode of transport in the Czech Republic, especially road.

Harmonisation among states is an EU affair. Proposals for harmonisation measures in the Czech Republic were processed from various EU documents in this R&D project.


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Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic (Ministerstvo dopravy)
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The main results were:

  • A system and procedure for creation of a fair transport market environment with harmonisation of traffic infrastructure users' pricing.
  • A flexible computer model in conversational mode for creation and evaluation of possible applications.

Technical Implications

Computer models processing varieties of economically quantified data for optimisation of decision-making.

Policy implications

Verbal proposals to improve harmonisation can be brought into effect on suggested terms following the decision of the executive sphere.

Computer models are already implemented at the Czech Department of Transport's workplace. They can be utilised on a long-term basis. They are an effective decision support system and are loaded with the data based on the knowledge and ideas available in 2005. Model users will update the input data according to changing conditions and ideas.


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