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Design, test, and manufacturing of robust fluidic actuators


Design, test, and manufacturing of robust fluidic actuators

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This project addresses the development of two-stage no-moving-parts fluidic actuator systems for use in active flow control applications. The work is based on the actuator technology created in the EC-funded Clean Sky projects DT-FA-AFC, FloCoSys, and robustAFC, but goes vastly beyond the scope of those projects, by broadening the view to include real-aircraft constraints and considerations from other-than-aerodynamics disciplines. The project will enable higher TRL experiments to thoroughly validate the concept of local active flow control by pulsed air blowing and will provide a flow control system, which fulfils real-aircraft integration requirements. Through detailed research, it will further the understanding of this flow control actuator concept. Finally, the proposed research, innovation, and development work on the two-stage fluidic actuators of this project will beneficially impact the industrialization of local active flow control by contributing substantially to making such a flow control actuators available on aircraft system level.

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European Commission
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Navasto Gmbh

10553 BERLIN
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