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The Determination of Input data for Forecasting and Modelling the Transport systems in Region. (1/0346/08)

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The objective of the project is to provide:

  • The input data determination in the context of social-economical, geographical and demographical indicator.
  • The correlation of social-economical, geographical and demographical indicators in order to make parameters for forecasting and modelling transport.
  • The input data determination for the forecasting and modelling transport.
  • The identification of the social-economical, geographical and demographical impacts on the transport demand inhabitant quantification.
  • The transport supply modelling based on the transport demand in correlation with the input data determination in order to guarantee a regional sustainable development.


Funding Source
VEGA - Universities


The  project is concerned in  input data, the way of gathering, validity and applicability of these data in the process of modelling and forecasting of transport systems.

The project identified the most problematic areas related to obtaining input data and recommended ways in which data should be gathered to be relevant in the modelling process. The project also verified a number of impacts on the transport system, using several models that have been applied to specific case studies. They were focused for e.g. on building new transport infrastructure, quantification traffic offer based on traffic demand and the importance of non-motorized transport in the area.

The concrete results of the project have been recorded in the Plan of transport services of the region, which determines the scope and manner of transport services in the region.


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