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Developing of electric public transport in Szeged


Developing of electric public transport in Szeged
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Szeged elektromos tömegközlekedés fejlesztése projekt


The European Union's transport policy encourages environmentally-friendly public transport for sustainable mobility. One of the strategic aims in Széged is to create an attractive, high-quality public transport, which makes the daily journeys  faster and  more comfortable to discourage car use and thereby provide a liveable environment for the city's residents.

Funding Source(s): 
EU Cohesion fund
Key Results: 

The results of the project are as follows:

  1. The new tram 2-4.8 km line deployment, development of existing lines  1, 3 and  4  - 18.3 km length;
  2. Extension of trolley lines no. 8-3.7 kms, building of  trolleybus line no. 10;
  3. Reconstruction of public transport node by giving preference to public transport (Anna Fountain Kossuth Rókusi traffic light roundabout,  Indóház of Calvary Veresács - roundabout...);
  4. Modernization of location: Pulz street - tram depot, Csáky street -  trolley depot;
  5. Construction of 8 new power stations and expansion of two existing;
  6. Purchase of 9 pieces of new, modern low-floor trams and 10 new modern low-floor trolleybuses;
  7. Establishment and increasing of 7 B+R parking sites ;
  8. Renewal of stops and platforms, taking into account demands of the Equal Opportunity Act;
  9. Ticketing system design;
  10. Advanced passenger information.

Széged city

Szeged Transport Kft.

KIKSz Közlekedésfejlesztési Zrt.

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Szeged Polus Development Office.
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