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Development and use of equipment for sampling and measurement of exhaust emissions from motor vehicles in motion

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Background & Policy context

Air pollution is currently produced by  a number of sources. A significant source of pollution is  traffic. To determine the real contribution of transport to the production of pollutants it is the best emissions measurement method directly from motor vehicles in operation. 


The aim of the project is to develop a device for measuring the emission factors of pollutants occuring from transport (CO, NOx, HC), greenhouse gases (CO2) and other pollutants (PAHs, POPs) based on the fuel used, distance traveled and time of operation.



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The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
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Technology Agency of the Czech Republic


1) Equipment for sampling and measurement of exhaust emissions from motor vehicles in motion - equipment for measurement of CO, CO2, HC, NOx and PM of motor vehicles fitted with towing equipment during operation. Measuring equipment will measure inputs for calculating emission factors, the concentration of O2. It will take samples of exhaust gases to determine additional pollutants such as PAH, POPs, BTEX, aldehydes etc.

 2) Two-part zero isokinetic probe for emission measurements - zero probe current design was modified so as to be usable in the control system of the measuring device. It is an element providing isokinesis of sampling for determination of particulate matter emission factors for motor vehicles.

 3) Program for flow control - the developed program is used for regulation of  the exhaust gases flow  during individual branches of the measuring device so as to ensure isokinesis of solid particles collection and to ensure a constant ratio of flow velocities in these branches and in the exhaust pipe.

 4) Equipment for data collection - the device uses data from the GPS data logger measuring equipment and data from the control system of a vehicle to calculate emission factors related to the parameters of operation of a motor vehicle.

 5) Experimental test track - measuring track will serve to verify the functionality of the regulatory elements of the measuring device (eg. modified zero probe) and mathematical modeling of regulation. 


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