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Development of a hybrid railway bridge resistant in flood lands

Development of a hybrid railway bridge resistant in flood lands
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Vývoj hybridního železničního mostu rezistentního v záplavových územích


The project aims to develop a railway bridge and establish technical requirements for additional measures that improve its durability, maintenance requirements and the ability to increase safety and traffic flow while locating the bridge in a flood area. The innovative aspects of the project lie mainly in the development of suitable compact design configuration with extremely depressed structure height.

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The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
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Technology agency of the Czech Republic
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  • The main output of the project is a hybrid railway bridge resistant in flood lands (certified methodology). This methodology provides the design of adequate measures and arrangements of bridge crossings in relation to the clear height under the bridge, whether it is a clear height above the road, railway, or a minimum clear height of NH resp. KNH in relation to the water system and the degree of flooding of the bridge structure and the adjacent track. This essentially brings changes of shape and type of bearing structure, modifications of the substructure and transition areas of adjacent tracks, fortifications of the riverbed below the bridge and near the substructure of the bridge and last but not least the possible modifications of the watercourse channel. These arrangements should eliminate the damages of the bridge structure and the surrounding area during floods and allow faster re-commissioning of the track.
  • One of the tasks of the technical solution was to create a composite bridge part which would decrease the construction height of the bridge, would be easy to produce and would enable an easy assembly. This was achieved thanks to a composite bridge part according to this technical solution the nature of which is based on the fact that it comprises of minimum of two pairs of steel girders placed opposite each other using stems and connected mutually by means of structural concrete in which there is a recess always between the upper pair of the girders for inserting of a rail and which is fitted with steel reinforcement.
  • Composite railway bridge element (utility model) - the task was to eliminate the imperfections of the current state of technology as much as possible and to create the simplest possible construction of a composite bridge part for rail vehicles containing steel girders on the top and at the bottom with their ridges oriented into the connecting structural concrete reinforced with steel reinforcement according to this technical solution, the nature of which is based mainly on the fact that at least one of the girders on the top side of the elevated central parts there are raised places for system fitting of rails.

Technical university in Brno / Faculty of Civil Engineering

Technical university in Brno / Faculty of Civil Engineering
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