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Development of mechanically activated materials based on recyclable concrete for progressive stabilized or cold recycled structural layers

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The project focuses on 4 main objectives:

  1. Modification of the process and further development of technology using mechano-chemical activation by high-speed milling of recycled concrete and granular materials. The modification is based on further technical adaption and modification of existing equipment with the aim to gain material of maximum size 0.2 mm and to optimize parallel milling and addition of additives. The effort is a homogeneous doped alternative binder or fine-grained admixture with modified surface.
  2. High-speed milling technology will be used besides existing practice (fly ashes, mineral filler etc.) and in necessary extend modified for fine-grained materials, by-products or waste materials typical for civil engineering in transport infrastructure (reclaimed concrete and waste filler from quarries). The aim is to get by the process of changes in the material structure, particle size and surface activation an intelligent micro-fillers or alternative binders, incl. combination with chemical additives for wide range use providing durable structures.
  3. Application of nano-chemical additives with different types of micro-fillers in mixes and further chemical additives (e.g. for improving hydrophobization) for structural mixes applied in transport infrastructure using locally available materials (soils) or reclaimed asphalt / concrete within the cold recycling techniques. The aim is to design an economically comparable alternative, which will allow utilization of less suitable types of aggregates, soils and other types of recyclable materials. The result should be application of these materials as a fine-grained filler and binder for more durable structures.
  4. Determination of possible application of selected types of micro-fillers (from recycled concrete or waste fillers) in asphalt mixes as an intelligent fine-grained material. The aim is to reach economically more efficient alternative by securing quality requirements on mixes.


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The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
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Technology Agency of the Czech Republic


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EU Contribution


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