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Development of open access and intermodality in the Kouvola rail-road terminal

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Background & Policy context

Kouvola Rail-Road Terminal (Kouvola RRT) is a significant and essential part of the Kouvola Multimodal Logistics Platform (Kouvola MLP) in the city of Kouvola. This city is located in Southeast Finland and in the northern part of the Scandinavian-Mediterranean Core Network Corridor.

This part of the Scan-Med corridor is the only one with a direct connection from the European Union to Asia. The city of Kouvola has the only TEN-T core network rail-road terminal in Finland. Trains from the Kouvola RRT can transit fluently across the Eurasian continent to the Pacific coast and to Northern Sea Route harbours thanks to the existing homogeneous gauge.


The objective of the action is to perform the necessary studies to enable the forthcoming development and implementation of the global project. It will aim at enabling efficient cargo handling for extra-long trains in the terminal area as an optimal solution for TEN-T core rail transport corridor.

The action will improve the functionality of the Kouvola multimodal logistics platform by centralizing the existing cargo flows more efficiently and by developing open access and intermodality in Kouvola rail-road terminal. It will focus in achieving efficient transhipment between road and rail transport modes. Finally, it will increase the market share of rail transport, which will decrease congestion, noise, accidents and pollution.


The action will include the elaboration of a master plan for last mile connection between the intermodal area and TEN-T road network and a detailed plan for the intermodal area for extra-long trains. It will also cover the performance of studies concerning development of equal open access for every stakeholder, improvement of company network operations and functional development of intermodality in the terminal area. 


Funding Source
City of Kouvola


Lead Organisation
EU Contribution
Partner Organisations
EU Contribution


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