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Development of Road E262 (Kaunas–Zarasai–Daugpilis) of the Trans European Network. Road Pavement Reconstruction

Development of Road E262 (Kaunas–Zarasai–Daugpilis) of the Trans European Network. Road Pavement Reconstruction

Background & policy context: 

The project is financed from the European Union Structural Assistance funds 2007–2013 according to the Economic Growth Action Plan Priority 5 "Development of Trans-European Transport Networks"  instrument VP2-5.1-SM-01-V "Enhancement of the Permeability of Trans-European Road Infrastructure. Improvement of Technical Parameters".
International corridors crossing our country are the main part of the Lithuanian road network. Road E262 of the Trans Europian network, merging on Lithuanian territory with main road A6 Kaunas–Zarasai–Daugpilis, is one of the links of network of the European transport corridors. There are still some sections of this road falling behind the requirements for international roads.


The main objective of the project is the improvement of road technical parameters, adapting them to the growing traffic volume, the improvement of traffic conditions, the preservation of harmony with environment.

After performing of works foreseen in the strategic development programmme for road E262 of the Trans Europian network the following benefits will be achieved:

  • improved image of Lithuania as a transit state;
  • improved road traffic conditions;
  • reduced accident rate;
  • reduced vehicle operating costs;
  • slower pavement degradation and longer pavement service life;
  • lower costs of routine maintenance.

The project includes:
reconstruction of 31.34 km road pavement;
construction of 0.664 km of pedestrian and cycling paths;
construction of traffic-light control at the road intersections to Išorai, Zatyšiai and Stašėnai;
construction of 20.5 km wire net fencing;
installation of 1.28 km illumination;
construction of underground pedestrian passageway;
reconstruction of 2 bridges.

Funding Source(s): 
Ministry of Transport and Communications
AB “Panevėžio keliai”
S. Kerbedžio Str. 7
LT - 35104
Contact country:
+370 45 502 601
Fax Number: 
+370 45 502 602