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Development of standards of conduct in relations with stakeholders in the planning and implementation of road and rail infrastructure projects

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In the framework of this project arise recommendations on methods and best practices in the field of building of relationships with stakeholders, in order to achieve a consensus for the implementation of infrastructure plans and to minimize the risks associated with the economic and social costs.


The project will develop scenarios of proceedings (Best practices) for the basic administrative procedures, which  are used by conducting survey of  opinions of stakeholders and  which ensuring the  compatibility with the interests of both sides. This is required by EU law and national regulations.

The recipients of the results of the project will be the person/institution/company professionally connected with the administrative procedures relating to the planning and implementation of transport infrastructure, especially roads and railways in the planning and carrying out public consultations.



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In the framework of the project there was worked out the publication: Interesariusze w przedsięwzięciach infrastruktury drogowej i kolejowej”.

The publication is a handbook of good practice for managers of infrastructure projects. It embraces many examples of road and rail projects that incorporate innovative methods of project organization and management, including communication with stakeholders and their participation in shaping the material scope of these projects. Managing stakeholder relations is a relatively new field of knowledge developed in Western Europe in the nineties.


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