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Development of sustainable Mobility management in European Cities

European Union
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Total project cost
€1 380 098
EU Contribution
€1 173 083
Project Acronym
STRIA Roadmaps
Smart mobility and services (SMO)
Low-emission alternative energy for transport (ALT)
Transport mode
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Transport policies
Environmental/Emissions aspects,
Transport sectors
Passenger transport


Background & Policy context

The population of cities increases in Europe, which is a big challenge for the organization of transport in urban areas. For environmental friendly transport and to reduce CO2-consumption the alternatives for normal cars have to be introduced. A crucial aspect is to foster the combination of different environmental transport modes like public transport, cycling and also new arise mobility solutions. One way to combine these modes is a mobility management approach. The challenge here is that in city administrations a lack of instruments and unclear responsibilities exist. For successful implementation of mobility management also different actors and user groups has to involve like companies and inhabitants as end users.


The main goal of the project DEMO-EC was to integrate mobility management in city development/planning by the analysing, exchange and dissemination of good practice to improve the effectiveness of policies in the field of low-carbon in transport. The envisaged impact of the project was to positively influence policies to envisage low-carbon alternatives for transport mobility by supporting cleaner transport modes and systems, and by promoting alternative mobility behavior.


To reach these aims the partners of DEMO-EC collected best practices from local, regional, national and European level in the fields of Behavior change, Governance/participation, E-Mobility, Car reduction (walking, cycling) and Public transport. The partners, consisted of cities and regional development agencies from six different countries, exchanged their experiences and results of the best practice analysis to improve policy programmes by developing seven regional action plans. The experience and best-practices gained in the project also helps cities to improve their instruments and realise mobility management in their cities and regions.


Specific funding programme
2014 - 2020 Interreg Europe
Funding Source
European Regional Development Fund


Lead Organisation
Partner Organisations


Technology Theme
Sustainable urban mobility plans
Sustainable logistics plans and platforms
Development phase
Demonstration/prototyping/Pilot Production

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