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Development of technical studies and plans for improving the roads infrastructure in order to enabling the access to the crossborder road network

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The current situation in Satu Mare and Szabolcs - Szatmár - Bereg Counties in the field of road infrastructure, particularly in rural areas requires a large volume of civil works. Implementation costs of infrastructure projects are very large, and local budgets are insufficient to cover necessary expenses, therefore rescheduling of investments is required.

The development of the two communities in field of industry, socio-cultural sector and tourism still motivates the need and opportunity for planning the investment. An efficient transport infrastructure, connected to the European transport network contributes to increased economic competitiveness and facilitates integration into the European economy and development of new domestic activities. The two project partners need upgrading of internal roads, to ensure access to county/cross- border/national roads.

The main result is realization of the first stage of improvements in road infrastructure that facilitate access to cross-border roads. The general objective of the project is increasing the socio-economic attractiveness and the cross-border mobility in the border region.

Direct beneficiaries are the inhabitants of the two partner localities: 2200 inhabitants in Tyukod and 2700 inhabitants in Doba (a total of approximately 4900 individuals), existing and potential economic agents in these areas and cultural and social institutions in these areas: schools, kindergartens, hospitals, public service units.

The main specific activities of the project are elaborating of the technical documentation for the road infrastructure's rehabilitation; sectorial cross-border co-operations.


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2007 - 2013 Hungary - Romania (HU-RO)


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