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Diffusion of the research results about fauna passages (ASTRA1998/095)

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Background & Policy context

Numerous studies and projects were achieved about fauna passages and ecological networks. Now it is time to popularize their results and to present several concrete solutions used in Switzerland and in Europe, by the way of an exhibition.


The crucial objective of the project is to make the public aware of the ecological network problems.


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Swiss Government: State Secretariat for Education and Research
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The exhibition generally deals with the problems of small and big animals migrating. It deals with the setting up of wildlife passages related to the construction and improvement of the road network. Estimates of the costs-gains ratio are presented from both economical and ecological points of view, so that the public understands the difficulty to elaborate a consensual solution. 

The problem is replaced in a general context of ecological networks. Examples illustrate the subject, like the wildlife corridor built along the Arignon to compensate the N1 motorway.

A special attention is paid to the manner of transmitting the messages. The information is shown in an interactive play way for the children and families. However, they are given at several levels not to ignore the essential theoretical and technical aspects.


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