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Direct coupled hybrid energy storage for electric vehicles - development, system integration, energy and thermal management

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Background & Policy context


The project "hyPowerRange" aims to improve the range, costs, cooling requirements, performance and service life of electric vehicles by developing and constructing a modularized hybrid energy storage system consisting of high-energy and high-performance cells. In contrast to previous projects, the hybrid battery is not built up via power converters, but is connected directly on the DC side for weight and cost reasons (directly coupled).


At the Kempten University of Applied Sciences, loads and stresses for the battery as well as for the entire vehicle are analysed and evaluated on the basis of the operational and driving data already recorded in previous projects. In addition, specific new measurements are used to record loads in order to generate different usage profiles and load collectives for the battery and the entire vehicle. Based on these results and the requirements of the partners, a specification sheet is developed for the construction of a demonstrator.

Together with the partners, an innovative communication structure including all necessary interfaces and signals is developed and implemented. Therefore, an additional control unit for recording and providing the data and signals will be implemented and further developed.

In a second step, the functionality of this vehicle concept will be tested and improved in various simulations. For this purpose, a complete vehicle model is built up and carried out on the basis of real data simulations


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