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Driving Fun with Wind at your Back: Electric bikes replace commuter cars in Berlin-Brandenburg

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In 2013, 1.5 million pedelecs already existed in Germany. Various studies show, however, that up to now, these environmentally-friendly, space-saving and health-promoting vehicles are mainly used in the tourist sector and in suburban and rural areas. The use of pedelecs in everyday metropolitan traffic is not yet prevalent, although the use of them could replace many car trips. In addition to high initial costs, the especially large risk of theft and the missing parking options have emerged as obstacles. The project Pedelec Corridor wants to overcome these obstacles by providing secure parking in public and semi-public areas. In addition, pedelec-friendly cycle routes are to be established and the use of pedelecs in commuter traffic is to be tested. The aim is to gather practical experience on how to encourage the use of pedelecs in rush-hour traffic and mitigate the congestion caused by cars.


Within the framework of the project, the use of pedelecs in commuter traffic will be promoted in a number of different ways. Through the installation of pedelec parking options at selected train and subway stations and central points, as well as on the premises of selected companies, secure parking for pedelecs is to be made possible, thus facilitating the changeover to other forms of public transportation. The installation of pedelec-friendly cycle routes, including an approximately 13 kilometre-long intersection-free bike route, is to connect the Brandenburg municipalities Teltow, Stahnsdorf and Kleinmachnow to the highly populated south west part of Berlin. Ultimately, the provision of pedelecs, including consultation and services, for the employees of selected companies will make a comprehensive trial test possible. In return for the two- to three-month free usage, the trial users have to be willing to participate in research, from which representative results regarding the use and acceptance of pedelecs in commuter traffic are to be obtained.


Funding Source
Senate Department for Urban Development and Environment, Berlin

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