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Dryport - a modal shift in practice

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Background & Policy context

The Dryport concept consists of 'green' hinterland freight combi-terminals that are fully integrated with the freight handling systems in Gateway ports. The idea is to move key logistics functions from the port itself to the 'dryport' inland terminal.

The concept is being tested in six areas:

  • In three real sites (Skaraborg Logistic Center in Falköping, Sweden, the 'Maritime Logistical Zone' in Zeebrugge, Belgium, and the Haven Gateway, centred on Felixstowe in Eastern England).
  • And in three other areas which connect either a good hinterland structure to a port gateway (Friesland by inland waterways and Emmen by improved railway - both in the Netherlands) or try to design effective hinterland transport structures from and to the gateway (Forth Estuary, Scotland).

The project's aim is to develop, design and set effective hinterland intermodal freight transport nodes -"dryports" - that are fully integrated with the Gateway’s freight handling systems, to adapt a public concept to a private sector model, to monitor CO2 effects and to integrate dryports into the EU Motorways of the Sea concept.

Outcomes are expected to be a road book with recommendations, overall strategic land availability and suitability location surveys; a road book for the planning of Inter-modal logistics centres and a knowledge improvement of public sector planning on the need of logistics and supply chain businesses. Expected results in the regions involved are substantial steps in realising a dryport: the transformation of combi-terminals into distant dryports.


University research (one as a partner) and external expertise will focus on the monitoring of data for carbon neutral freight handling. The outcome will be environmental impact monitors of intermodality within the sub-region and on national transport level; expected results are monitoring instruments for goods handling processes in the Gateway – Hinterland movements and an estimation of CO2 claims of various modes of transport. Also, an environmental impact model for ongoing monitoring of intermodal shift.

A final expected result is a circular Motorway of the Sea scheme in the North Sea area with short sea shipping, feeder traffic & regular shipping lines, using the green logistics of dryports and taking goods from road to sea to interconnect interregionally. In the Scottish case for example  a blueprint of a potential Scottish dryport structure for the Edinburgh gateway is the aim and implies research material on rail potentials that allows the harbour systems to handle more goods by short sea shipping as swift handling by rail is guaranteed.

In all project phases an important role is thought for research; in a triple helix cooperation between public, private and research studies are undertaken in goods destination, in carbon reduction, in goods flows analyses, in site assessment (where to plan and how to plan) and in feasibility studies comparing road, rail and inland water transport modes.


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The project's aim was to develop, design and set effective Hinterland inter-modal freight transport nodes - dryports - which were fully integrated with the Gateway freight handling systems, to adapt a public concept to a private sector model, and to integrate dryports into the EU Motorways of the Sea concept. The project included the identification of suitable dryport land sites in the North Sea Region, starting a planning process to support the increased number of logistics hubs, assessing the environmental and socio-economic impact of improved inter-modality, developing a business model blueprint and the development and start-up of a IT system. All project activities contributed to connecting the dryports with the short sea shipping system to shift interregional transport from road to sea. Dryport was also represented in the MTC cluster. Documents Dryport logo summary WP 7 Governance socio-economic aspects summary wp 6 environmental aspects 6 & MoS summary wp 5 IT & Security summary wp 4 the physical planning of a dryport summary wp 3 financial & land assesment summary wp 2 publicity LP Dryport in pictures LP Brochure Dryport final conference May 2012 Reflection on dryports annual 2011 Future cooperation annual 2011 Haven Gateway annual 2011 introduction conference Edinburgh Stratmos conference Edinburgh Swedish railport conference Edinburgh Spanish dryport conference Edinburgh Scottish dryport annual 2008 regional logistics annual 2008 significance of Dryports Babergh leaflet Babergh guide for planning logistics Haven Gateway leaflet Haven Gateway Impact logistics & ports, summary Haven Gateway Impact logistics & ports Haven Gateway employment land review VGland PPT template for common use VGland RFID info VGland 4 questions to Bergman VGland RFID full report Vgland_flyer Trafikverket; RFID in Rail Port of Göteborg; where to realize new Falköping presentation Skaraborg logistic center Falköping presentation public sector Falköping overview TRI Napier; overview publications TRI Napier; project achievements SEStran; sustainable urban distribution SEStran; study rail freight SEStran; study freight consolidation SEStran; Coatbridge, Scotland's dryport IAW Bremen - presentation governance patterns IAW Bremen - presentation logistic hubs IAW Bremen - presentation case study IAW Bremen - summary Governance report IAW Bremen - Governance report Emmen; GOLD declaration Emmen; Presentation at congress Emmen; dryport magazine special Emmen; Needs for a Railterminal Emmen; strengthening logistic hub Dryport Quarterly_Issue 9 Dryport Quarterly_Issue 8 Dryport Quarterly_Issue 7 Dryport Quarterly_Issue 6 Dryport Quarterly_Issue 5 Dryport Quarterly_Issue 4 Dryport Quarterly_Issue 3 Dryport Quarterly_Issue 2 Dryport Quarterly_Issue 1 For more information please visit:


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