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Durable road structures with minimum maintenance - Selected topics (AGB2000/173)

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Background & Policy context

Newly introduced aspects of durability of engineering structures are handled on the basis of a literature review and research. The applicability of the permeability for the quality control of the concrete cover is determined. The measurement method and numerous measurement results are described and provide information on the evaluation and interpretation of the test results as well as the limits of applicability of the method. The effectiveness of various measures to ensure a sufficient resistance against reinforcement corrosion is based on a parametric study and using a numerical model investigated by the duration of the initiation phase of the chloride.


Updating the recommendations for more permanent engineering structures taking into account the cost-effectiveness and environmental compatibility.


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Swiss Government: State Secretariat for Education and Research
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The objectives have been achieved by a progress report with recommendations for the design and construction of permanent artificial structures created with minimal maintenance.

Updated standard SIA 262 (2003) newly introduced aspects to ensure the durability of engineering structures made of reinforced concrete. Major parts of developed recommendations for permanent engineering structures with low maintenance were transferred to the newly revised guidelines ASTRA "Design and construction of engineering structures of national roads" (2004).

Other results

Published results:

Brühwiler, E., Denarié, E., Wälchli, T., Maître, M., Conciatori, D. : Dauerhafte Kunstbauten bei geringem Unterhalt – Ausgewählte Kapitel. VSS Bericht, Forschungsauftrag AGB 2000/173 (88/00), VSS Zürich, 2005.
Charron, J.-P., Denarié, E., Brühwiler, E.: Prévention des fissures traversantes pour le bétonnage des bordures du pont Bessières à Lausanne. Tracés no 21, 5 Novembre 2003, pp. 17-23.
Brühwiler, E.: Möglichkeiten der Rissbegrenzung. TFB Fachveranstaltung „“Gerissene Betonbauten mit hoher Dauerhaftigkeit – Was ist zu tun ?“, TFB Wildegg, 14.1. und 8.4.2003
Brühwiler, E., Denarié, E., Urlau, U., Hasler, S., Peter, H.: Betonstahl mit erhöhtem Korrosionswiderstand. Beton- und Stahlbetonbau, Nr. 97, Heft 5, 2002, pp. 239-249.
Conciatori, D., Denarié E., Brühwiler E.: Influence of microclimate on the probability of initiation of chloride induced corrosion in reinforced concrete. 4th International PhD Symposium in Civil Engineering, Munich, Germany, September 2002.


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