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Dynamic analysis of transport structures

Dynamic analysis of transport structures
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Dynamická analýza konštrukcií dopravných stavieb


The transport structures are a typical example of dynamically stressed structures. The moving load and the time variable load represent an important part of a loading spectrum occurring within the lifetime of the structure. The main goal of the submitted project it to build an effective experimental system of dynamic analysis of selected transport structures taking into account mutual interactions of individual subsystems. The results of dynamic analyses will be focused on the processes of quality valuation and structure life time valuation. A common methodology of creation of effective computing models utilising the software possibilities of high level programming languages will be developed and verified using experiments.

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Scientific Grant Agency
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Scientific Grant Agency
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Significant results have been achieved in the field of numerical modelling of vehicle traffic on the road, particularly in the field of frequency domain analysis of monitored phenomena. A methodology has been developed to monitor and assess the impact of random inequalities on the frequency response of the vehicle and the road load in relation to the frequency structure of the excitation. The results were presented at scientific conferences as well as in periodicals.

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