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Dynamic booking, information exchange and operation of regional public transport across transport operators

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Background & Policy context

The increasing spread of computer-aided guidance system in rural areas represents an issue for regional public transport operators, as the proximity of the transport networks, there is not enough (customer) information available concerning the adjacent system. Interface solutions are difficult because interconnecting the systems comes along with high expenses. It is furthermore a challenge to continuously reach the same quality standards.
Consequently, RUDY focusses on computer-aided guidance systems for regional public transport and taxi operators and the intermodal schedule information systems. 


The activities of RUDY pursue the objective to improve the functions of stand-alone systems and the interconnection of different systems to create continuous cross-enterprise and supra-regional functionalities and services. This project improves the regional public transport offers, expands mobility offers, reduces the connection barriers and decreases technological barriers in terms of the operational cooperation of the city and the regional public transport operators. It was also focused on the smooth integration of taxi transport into the classic regional public transport networks.


Within the framework of RUDY, the following tasks were accomplished:

  1. Integration of computer-aided guidance system
  2. Integration of geo-information into computer-aided guidance system
  3. Integration of schedule information with flexible operations
  4. Integration of telematics systems into a transport simulation model

This is achieved through the intensive application of real-time communication on all levels of the transport telematics architecture including vehicle tracking and mobile customer services. Besides, it is aimed at integrating telematics systems into the “toolbox” of transport planning to assess their impact early in the planning phase.


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TÜV-Akademie Rheinland GmbH, PT MVBW - on behalf of Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
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Federal Ministry of Education and Research


The results of the project RUDY make the prototypical system implementation available in terms of the computer-aided guidance system integration interface, the geo-computer-aided guidance system, the integration of flexible operations into the schedule information as well as the microscopic behavior-oriented transport model mobiTopp.

Findings of the study are published in detail by a final report (German only) which is available online via


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