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E-VIA – FLEX-E mobility in Spain, France, Italy


E-VIA – FLEX-E mobility in Spain, France, Italy


The Action will deploy 14 multi-standard Ultra-Fast Charging Stations (150 kW - 350 kW) in Spain, France and Italy facilitating cross-border trips with electric vehicles on the North Sea-Mediterranean, Mediterranean, Scandinavian-Mediterranean and Atlantic TEN-T Core Network Corridors. It is embedded in a Global Project that encompasses the deployment of about 2.500 Ultra-Fast Chargers in Europe.

The Action will ensure full service continuity and interoperability with existing fast and Ultra-Fast Charging networks across Europe. A real-life trial involving customers, charge point operators, electric utilities and automotive manufacturers will be conducted to establish innovative relationships between all stakeholders.

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France, Italy, Spain
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Enel Spa

Piazza Di Monte Citorio 121
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