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Ecodriving - Widespread Implementation for Learners and Licensed Drivers

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Background & Policy context

In the last decades, engine technology and performance of cars has improved rapidly, while most drivers have not adapted their driving style. Ecodriving represents a driving culture which suits to modern engines and makes best use of advanced vehicle technologies. Ecodriving offers numerous benefits, including GHG emissions reductions, fuel cost savings, as well as greater safety and comfort.


The ECOWILL Project had the following objectives:

To integrate ecodriving in driving school curricula and driving tests;

To establish minimum standards for contents and set up of ecodriving trainings and train-the-trainer seminars

To establish ecodriving infrastructure which will keep the approach alive after the end of the project.


The following steps were taken to reach the above objectives:

Investigation into the current status of ecodriving;

Standardised interviews with stakeholders;

Implementation of minimum standards for ecodriving trainings and trainer education;

Education of driving instructors and establishment of ecodriving infrastructure;

Ecodriving campaigns directed at licensed drivers;

Monitoring of the effectiveness of ecodriving trainings.


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The ECOWILL Project achieved the following results:

  • Qualitative interviews with 257 stakeholders and multipliers
  • Overview on the status of Ecodriving in all partner countries
  • Identification of potential benefits and obstacles for relevant target groups
  • Compilation of updated Ecodriving tips, taking into account most recent engine developments
  • Application of quality standards for ecodriving trainings and train the trainer seminars
  • Conduction of train-the-trainer seminars directed at driving instructors in all participating countries

Strategy targets

Contributed to promoting more sustainable development. 


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