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EcoMobility Scheme for Energy-Efficient Transport

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Background & Policy context

When you want to successfully formulate and implement a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan
(SUMP) you will need to embark on a situational analysis. EcoMobility SHIFT offers an assessment, auditing and labelling process for this.


The main goal of this project was to better the energy efficiency of urban transport through the development of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans for the participants. 


EcoMobility SHIFT has identified 20 indicators that allow it to measure how a city currently works, what it has delivered on the ground and the results and impacts achieved. Between 2010 and 2013, 25 cities and 39 stakeholders from 15 EU-countries have participated in the development of the scheme. Six pilot cities have thoroughly tested the scheme and been awarded with a Gold, Silver or Bronze Label for EcoMobility. In 2013, the project established the SHIFT organisation to promote and expand the use of the EcoMobility SHIFT scheme throughout Europe and beyond.


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The project yielded the following results:

It created a widely recognized and highly valued EcoMobility label for urban areas that sets EU-wide EcoMobility standards for walking, cycling, wheeling and public transport.

It established a user-friendly Quality Management System for mobility departments in local authorities that tells them where and why they are performing well, and how they could perform even better.

It improved the energy efficiency of urban transport through a shift to public and non-motorized transport by improving the quality and accessibility to those modes of transport.

It enhanced the safety in urban centres by promoting infrastructur investments for safe walking and cycling.

It improved citizens' health by encouraging more walking and cycling and reducing urban pollution.

Strategy targets

Contributed to promoting more sustainable development.


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