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Economic impact of federal highway construction in Switzerland (ASTRA2001/014)

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Background & Policy context

When deciding to carry out a highway project, the economic impact of construction works could often play an important role besides transportation or environmental criteria. Unfortunately, there are few scientific studies about this particular economic aspect of national highway construction. Through this research study, the authors want to set up a relatively simple, feasible and adequate model, which will allow measuring the economic impact of highway constructions. In the first phase, the existing methodology has to be adapted to assess the economic impact. Most appropriate multiplier (economic base, input/output, adopted Keynesian multiplier) has to be selected, before retrieving primary data from middle and large construction firms. Using these data, the multiplier effect of each highway construction type will be determined. Different multipliers will be measured in function of construction work type and the size of the related region.


Elaboration of a model, which allows measuring the economic impact of highway constructions on income and employment of inhabitants. Measurement of added value in function of the different types of construction works carried out, on Swiss economy on the whole or on particular parts (regions, cantons). Elaboration and computing a method which can be used on any highway project in any region. Illustration of the model application with three concrete projects including different types of construction works in several cantons.


- Research and review of existing literature, critical analysis, knowledge assessment.

 - Statistical survey on civil engineering companies to collect the necessary data about the cost of infrastructure.

- Development of a theoretical model.

- Description of concrete cases.


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