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Effect and influence of maintenance actions on the in-situ behaviour of asphalt pavements (VSS1998/084)

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Background & Policy context

The increasing number of vehicles and higher axle loads have resulted in the need for increased road maintenance. At the same time, decreasing budgets make it necessary to perform these maintenance actions in a more time-efficient and cost-effective way. In this context the use of hot and cold thin surfaces on existing road structures has become a popular strategy.


The aim of the research project is to determine the influence and impact of maintenance activities on the in-situ properties and behaviour of asphalt pavements, which performed in this project in the hot and cold in the installation maintenance measures should be considered. According to the project of the development of assessment criteria for the standardization and as a basis for establishing requirements to serve.


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The findings made during the project illustrate that the subject of "thin surfacing" cannot be dealt with exhaustively within the scope of a single research study. In future it will be important to distinguish clearly between hot applied thin surfaces with a height of more than 20mm and cold applied thin surfaces with a height of less than 20 mm.

Hot applied thin surfaces can be tested more or less according to the standards and test recommendations used for other hot applied pavements. As a result of adhesion testing carried out as a part of this project it was shown that, for the direct shear test, data comparable to that for ordinary asphalt pavements was obtained. Similarly, using the results of the water sensitivity test and rutting test for right traffic volume pavements, it was possible to make reasonably good predictions of the pavement properties.


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