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Effects on the individual behaviour in traffic due to the use of personal travel assistants (SVI1999/326)

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Background & Policy context

Mobile, independent sets for individual travel and transport information (TTI) are becoming more and more important. The production of personal digital assistants and mobile phones is increasing as new technologies will enter the market. However, we don't yet have a high quality supply of intermodal TTI offered by different service providers. Official departments of the confederation and the towns realize the possibilities of dynamic intermodal traffic management and its needs. 


The project has following objectives:

  • to provide an analysis of different traffic user groups and their needs and behaviour 
  • to provide a judgement of the PDA/PTA technologies, systems and the market
  • to estimate effects on the traffic situation. 


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Mobility is a basic need of our society. The project investigated the influence of traffic behaviour and the traffic situation by the availability of PTA systems. Given under optimal conditions (full information transparency) maximum expected demand a PTA system was estimated.

The technical requirements for the establishment of PTA will be available by 2010, mostly. They are largely driven by the developments in information and communication technology (ICT). The future technology available will affect the ability to form high-quality traffic information in a high degree.

In addition to the technical requirements additional conditions still must be met.

The decisive factor for the establishment of PTA is how the future market providers estimate the demand and thus the potential revenue from the sale of traffic information. This assessment determines the investment potential in the necessary tools and services and last but not least the potential quality of the traffic information. Only with a sufficiently dense sensor networks on the collection side, the requirements of the customers can be satisfied.


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