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Efficiency of noise barriers under the influence of wind and temperature gradients (ASTRA2002/012)

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Background & Policy context

The efficiency of noise barriers depends on wind and temperature stratification. Only little is known about the significance of this weather influence. By means of a long-time measurement of the barrier insertion loss and meteorology in one situation and by theoretical investigations the following questions shall be answered:

  • Is there a reduced insertion loss of noise barriers in case of downwind conditions or for positive temperature gradients?
  • How relevant are the deviations for a yearly average?
  • Can a numerical model estimate the deviations?
  • Is it possible to extract sensitive regions in Switzerland for which the possible weather influence is strong?

The research project has the following aims:

  • For the time period of one year a long-time measurement station is installed in one situation to monitor the shielding effect of a noise barrier in addition to meteorological parameters as temperature and wind speed.
  • A statement will be given on how often temperature inversions and downwind situations occur.
  • It will be checked to what extent a numerical model can reproduce the results.

The research findings will be developed based on a literature review, using field tests (long-term monitoring station) and by comparison with theoretical models.

At one immission measuring point an acoustic meteorological and long-term monitoring station will be established.


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The research results will provide fundamentals and indications concerning the meaning and extent of meteorological conditions on the effect of noise screens. Based on the findings, the current prognosis of security will be estimated and assessed throughout the year. If relevant and authoritative deviations are detected, the database should be expanded geographically within the framework of a possible continuation of the project in order to generalise statements for Switzerland. The results will feed into the Swiss practice of dimensioning of noise screens.


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