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Efficiency of Reverse Logistics

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Background & Policy context

A report on reverse logistics will be delivered based on the findings of the multiple sector literature review, multiple industrial case studies, and focus group survey. The results can then be used to guide a possible bid for research funds for a larger project. 


The unit of analysis must encompass the whole supply chain to fully understand the cause and effect relationship between factors that drive the need for reverse logistics.

The work will therefore, look at two areas of improvements: firstly, to reduce the volume of products being returned, and secondly, reduce the inefficiencies in the physical return logistics.


For example factory gate pricing should allow reverse flows to be integrated with outbound flows to minimise any marginal environmental impact.


The specific objectives are:

  • To quantify the volume / value of returned products within two/three retail product groupings;
  • To summarise current management approaches within two/three product sectors relating to reverse logistics;
  • To develop a typology of reverse logistics systems within the UK retail sector;
  • Identify areas for improvement to contemporary supply chain management practices within UK retail sector for reverse logistics that reduce the burden on the environment;
  • To identify areas for improvement to contemporary supply chain management practices within the UK retail sector for reverse logistics that will lead to reduced operating costs.


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