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Electrical Infrastructure for Freight transport

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Background & Policy context

Heavy vehicular traffic is a major environmental challenge. Efforts to develop technical solutions for electric power is still immature in the field of technology. Norway is an international leader in the use of electric vehicles for passenger transport. Together with Norwegian industry and research would NPRA to implement a wide-ranging technical concept analysis to find a suitable technology for electric operation of heavy vehicles.


The basic research challenge in this project is to analyse all aspects of the relevant technical solutions for continuous energy transfer between road infrastructure and vehicles that are robust and sustainable for applications under Norwegian conditions. It must also develop system solutions and business models that may contribute to the electric propulsion of heavy traffic. It will be preferred to have such a solution  that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and local pollution from road traffic. In addition to research on technical solutions for energy transmission, as well as challenges in the implementation and development of solutions in new and existing road infrastructure will be explored in the project.


The project will collaborate with two demonstrator projects in Sweden which deal with electricity supply. In Norway, the project wants as well, to consider an alternative technology with the use of batteries and inductive charging. This is currently used in experiments in the bus traffic, but at present it is not in use in this country for cars and especially for heavy vehicles. The project has to consider this particularly interesting technology because it also is useful for cars with electric power.

The result of ELinGO will be a road map for the electrification of heavy traffic. All three technical solutions included analyses of the projects. The project will apply the plans for Ferjefri E39 along the west coast.


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