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Electronic system for container circulation management in multimodal transport for the European integration on the transport corridors across Romania


Electronic system for container circulation management in multimodal transport for the European integration on the transport corridors across Romania
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Sistem electronic de gestionare a circulaţiei containerelor în transportul multimodal în vederea integrării europene pe coridoarele de transport care traversează România

Background & policy context: 

The GeCoTraM system has been developed within the RELANSIN National Research and Development Programme, 'Re-industrialisation' sub-programme.

GeCoTram system is a system designed to be operated on Internet and is based on a central server that has a database. GeCoTram system users are Internet users, that exploit the resources offered by the server.

  • The message interchange between agents involved in multimodal freight transport at container terminal level, through XML technology;
  • The development of customised messages for multimodal transport based on the second edition of EDIFACT 2004 standard;
  • The implementation of the following messages: COHAOR (COntainer HAndling Order), COPARN (COntainer Pre-ARrival Notice), COREOR (COntainer RElease Order), CODECO (COntainer DEparture Confirmation), COPRAR (COntainer PRe-ARrival Message), COARRI (COntainer ARRIval Message).

The methodology used allows to assist the information flows specific to the approached sector through an information system that uses information, communication and electronics technologies.

GeCoTram system was developed using UML, XML, DTD, XSL, ASP technologies and the second edition of 2004 EDIFACT standard.

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Managerial Agency for Scientific Research, Innovation and Technological Transfer within the Polytechnic University of Bucharest
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Key Results: 

The GeCoTraM system designed and implemented, including the following features:

  • GeCoTraM system provides XML–EDI (XML–Extended Mark-up Language, EDI–Electronic Data Interchange) Web services in order to assure the message changes between the agents involved in multimodal freight transport at the container terminal level. 
  • The implemented messages for the information container transport monitoring at the container terminal level are based on the 2004 Edition EDIFACT messages, oriented to the facilitation of implementation on Internet of message creation and transmission solutions.
  • The implemented EDIFACT messages are:
    • Special instructions regarding the container handling COHAOR (COntainer HAndling ORder).
    • Container pick-up notice instructions COPARN (COntainer Pre-ARrival Notice).
    • Container pick-up instructions COREOR (COntainer RElease ORder).
    • Container movement reporting CODECO (COntainer DEparture COnfirmation).
    • Container loading instructions COPRAR (COntainer PRe-ARrival Message).
    • Container unloading instructions COPRAR.
    • Container loading reporting COARRI (COntainer ARRIval Message).
    • Container unloading reporting COARRI.


  • The system has two types of components: components for system administration and components oriented on user services. - The components for system administration are:
    • Message management: Message structure management, New message addition in the system, Obsolete message structure removal.
    • Message standard structure management.
    • Message personalisation.


  • The components oriented on user services are:
    • Registration of from a client organisation as 'client user'.
    • Management of business profile by which there are assigned the organisations with whom the message exchange is done within a specific business type.
    • Visualisation of the registered organisations, structured on organisation types.
    • Personalised message creation.
    • Message receiver choosing.
    • Message transmission.
    • Received message management.
    • Sent message management.
    • Usage of 'selection and sort filters' based on the following information types: Sender for the received messages, Receiver for the sen

    Policy implications

    The GeCoTraM system:

    • Creates the conditions for container multimodal transport information integration. 
    • Assures the transmission in real time of the created message to all the business partners and information transparency at business partner level. 
    • Increases the efficiency of container multimodal transport and container manipulation speed.
    • Decreases the probability of erroneous directing of containers. 
    • Assures the container delivery on time and transport cost decreasing.
  • ICI - National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics (co-ordinator)
  • CN-APMC - National Company - Maritime Ports Administration from Constantza (co-financing partner and system user)
  • CFR TRANSAUTO S.A. (co-financing partner and system user)
  • B.P.S. TRADING S.R.L. (co-financing partner and system user)
  • S.C. INTERMODAL S.R.L. (co-financing partner and system user)
ICI - National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics
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