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Energy efficiency and environmental criteria in the awarding of regional rail transport vehicles and services

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Background & Policy context

In a world with increasing populations we have to deal with problems such as less space and more transport pollution, which are problems that will only get worse with time unless we do something about them One of the ways in which we can do so is to make sure our transport modes are energy efficient and sustainable.

The ECORAILS Project concentrated on making rail transport more energy efficient and sustainable through establishing awards based on environmental criteria.  


The project worked to achieve the following objects:

  • To increase quality of procurement with environmental requirements, thereby extend the awareness for "green” technologies and strategies in the regional rail transport
  • To create a European expert community and discussion process concerning environmental standards in regional rail transport to create a sector-wide know-how transfer
  • To committ PTAs of the relevant Member States to an anti-cipatory strategy of procurement and awarding

The project followed a pyramid approach where it started at the bottom level and moved up to the top. The different levels from bottom to top were:

1. Energy consumption assessment: Reference line, technological specifications, standardised methods, energy labels.

2. Inclusion of energy aspects into infrastructure charges.

3. Rolling stock procurement: Consumption criteria, bonus-malus systems.

4. Energy/ecological criteria used by the public transport authorities of the participants. 


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The project yielded the following results:

  • Improvement of energy efficiency: – 5% in comparison to current awarding – 10% with regard to the currently used rolling stock – In the long term: System-wide improvement of energy efficiency for regional railway by 15% by 2020
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions: – 5% in comparison to current awarding and – 10% with regard to the currently used rolling stock – In the long term: System-wide reduction of CO2 for regional railway by 15% by 2020

Strategy targets

The project contributed to promoting more sustainable development.


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