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Engine Mounting System (EMS) for Ground Test Turboprop Engine Demonstrator


Engine Mounting System (EMS) for Ground Test Turboprop Engine Demonstrator

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In aircraft, one of the primary sources of vibration is the power plant. Engine vibration could lead to unnecessary expenses for replacing damaged components, cabin noise, crew and passenger discomfort, and structural fatigue. Hutchinson is the major supplier of aircraft main Power plant and APU Vibration Isolation Systems.

The “Engine Vibration Isolation Systems – EVIS” project main objective is to achieve improved engine mounting system in terms of technology and associated process enabling higher level of comfort for passengers. Throughout all the proposed developments a dedicated Cost and weight reduction optimization approach will be implemented so as to enable improved performances in comparison to existing engine mounting system.

So as to provide an innovative, lightweight, low-cost EVIS for the related TP Demonstrator engine, Hutchinson proposes to carry out the expected work for two distinctive concepts:

  • Concept 1: “Cost efficiency concept” based on the adaptation of existing engine mounts,
  • Concept 2: “Full technical concept” based on specifically developed engine mounts.

Both Concepts will be investigated through the same usual V-shape approach for “systems integration” as detailed below:

  • Establish technical specifications of the engine mounts
  • Use and adapt/tune if necessary existing engine mounts for the first delivery
  • Analyse first test campaign results to optimize the EVIS design
  • Manufacture and deliver optimized EVIS
  • Analyse second test campaign results

Hutchinson will then fully contribute through the above whole process to assist the Topic in evaluating and selecting the most efficient and effective engine suspension system for the TP Demonstrator engine.

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European Commission
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Barry Control Aerospace

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