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eSafety Challenge and Awareness Raising


eSafety Challenge and Awareness Raising

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eSafety technologies assist the driver in case of an emergency situation and by providing vital information and warnings to help avoid the situation occurring in the first place. eSafety systems have been on the market for several years and are increasingly expected to provide a major contribution to the reduction of casualties on our roads. eSafety equipment in new vehicles varies across car models, car brands and even from country to country. This is why it is important for consumers to be informed about these life saving technologies and to ask for eSafety when buying a new car.

The eSafety Challenge is an annual event that promotes and highlights the life-saving potential of advanced vehicle safety technologies. An important obstacle for deployment of eSafety systems is the lack of awareness among both policy makers and end users, which is affecting policy support, user expectations and readiness for change.


eSafety Challenge aims to promote the deployment and use of Intelligent Vehicle Systems to enhance road safety in Europe. This is achieved through eSafety awareness campaigning directed towards end users and policy makers.

The project's specific objectives are to:

  • Promote the deployment and use of Intelligent Vehicle Systems
  • Support the implementation process for priority systems Promote public outreach activities
  • Report on and support international eSafety activities
  • Organise eSafety awareness raising events

The project set out to support the aim of the Intelligent Car Initiative to accelerate the deployment of eSafety systems as well as the activities of the eSafety Forum.


eSafety Challenge set out to achieve its goals through a three pillar structure:

  1. Organisation of yearly eSafety Challenge events National eSafety demonstration events
  2. Awareness campaigns targeting end users and policy makers.
  3. eSafety Challenge will strengthen the activities of the eSafety deployment initiatives through a close cooperation with the eSafety Forum stakeholders.

As the road transport needs developed at a fast pace, during the two years of the project, the stakeholders of the eSafety Forum were consulted regarding the possibility of including other focus areas in the three pillars of eSafety Challenge. Such additional areas could include on-board eco-driving systems as well as other ICT related systems targeted at clean and efficient mobility. These deployment steps will be carefully planned with the experts of the eSafety Forum to ensure a correct response to the realities of road transport needs.

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European Commission
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Yearly events
The yearly eSafety Challenge event is the key milestones of the project, targeting policy-makers, fleet managers, driving school organisations, automobile clubs and media, bringing forward the discussion of eSafety deployment strategies in Europe and internationally.

  • The first eSafety Challenge took place on 8 and 9 September 2009 in Rome (Italy)with more than 300 high-level delegates and journalists participating. The event was opened with a series of speeches by notable guests, including FIA President Jean Todt, UK Minister for Transport Paul Clark MP, seven-time Formula One World Champion Michael Schumacher, and Make Roads Safe global ambassador Michelle Yeoh.
  • The second eSafety Challenge took place on 13 July 2010 at the UK's Millbrook vehicle testing centre and had a special focus on fleets. It gathered more than 300 delegates and representatives of the press.
  • The third eSafety challenge took place on 31st of May in Viennaat the ÖAMTC Safe Driving Centre in Teesdorf (Austria) and brought together more than 300 delegates and representatives of the press.

Awareness campaigning
Through the eSafety awareness campaigning, which is directed towards end users and policy makers, the project promoted the deployment and use of Intelligent Vehicle Systems to enhance road safety in Europe.

The eSafety Challenge website represents the main source of information on the promoted eSafety technologies, the eSafety Challenge event as well as the eSafety On Board activities. The website builds on an existing website of a European Commission funded project. For reasons of continuation and existing familiarity of the public with this website it was decided to improve the existing website rather than build a new one. This website was active during the life of the project and will function as a static website two years after the end of the project.

Strategy targets

An efficient and integrated mobility system:Acting on transport safety: saving thousands of lives

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Fia Foundation For The Automobile And Society

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Association Europeenne Des Fournisseurs Automobiles

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