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European COrridors for natural GAs Transport Efficiency


European COrridors for natural GAs Transport Efficiency


The overall objective of the Action is to study efficiency improvement of conventional and renewable Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) market in the Atlantic, Mediterranean, North Sea - Mediterranean, Orient/East-Med, Rhine-Danube and Scandinavian-Mediterranean corridors through new technologies and innovative solutions for supply logistic services, cleaner fuels, refuelling infrastructure, vehicle and components manufacturers and operational processes.

The Action will deploy a network of 21 L-CNG refuelling stations, enhanced with innovative solutions for the natural gas market. It will also involve 2 infrastructures to supply bio-methane and hydrogen enriched compressed natural gas (HCNG) in order to test the novel mixtures of conventional natural gas and renewable fuels (Bio-methane and H2).

Several NGVs will be involved and monitored during the trial. This study will allow a quick deployment of LNG and CNG by significantly bringing unit cost down while improving the understanding of client’s needs. Once finished, the study should serve as a basis for a large-scale deployment of the cost reduced technology.

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France, Germany, Portugal, Spain
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Nedgia Madrid S.a.

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