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EV Charging Italy

EV Charging Italy

Background & policy context: 

The Action will contribute significantly to the objectives of the European Green Deal since the energy supplied by the charging points will come from renewable energy sources.

This Action has been selected in the context of the CEF Blending Facility Call, where the CEF support is coupled with a substantial investment by a financial institution.


The main objective of the Action is to implement a reliable network of fast multi-standard chargers for electric vehicles along the TEN-T network in Italy.

The Action will contribute to the deployment of an extensive network of electric chargers in Italy. Additionally, the Action will contribute to the mass diffusion of electric vehicles and to pollution reduction.


The Action will deploy 550 electric fast chargers across Italy with approximately 1,100 charging points. 

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Be Charge s.r.l.

Via Carlo Bo, 11
20143 Milan
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