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Evaluation of state of electromechanical equipments (VSS1999/291)

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Background & Policy context

The signification and the importance of the electromechanical equipment increase constantly within the framework of Road Maintenance Management System (RMMS). Already there are several Equipment Maintenance Systems (EMS), which have been or are to be implemented.

Meanwhile it is well known, that a systematically maintenance activity is indispensable to be able to guarantee the necessary safety and serviceability of road equipment. It is also a fact that using of proved methods and informatics tools would be quite useful. The recording and evaluation of state-data is a part of systematic maintenance and an important pre-condition of choosing the time and sort of maintenance measure. 


The objective of the project is to develop and review  methods of state data recording to follow the state's development for a systematically recording of the indicators of state, by consideration of common guide systems.


These methods will be used in the project:

  • literature review
  • theoretical study
  • field trial


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Swiss Government: State Secretariat for Education and Research
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Both the theoretical analysis as well as field trial is carried out with selected objects. The research results can be put into practice with respect to these objects.

Determination of action to be taken with regard to particular components results directly from the indicators gathered for the components. Also, componentspecific actions must be available. (Example: for RMM, this is defined in SN 640 730 [5] Action plan).

As part of the research can be determined whether the methods can be used for all objects or whether further objects need to be investigated in an additional project. In this case a further investigation would be needed credit.


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