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Ex-post analysis of the spatial impact of transport infrastructure - Case study of Zurich S-Bahn (suburban rail) (02048)

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Background & Policy context

While regular pre-tests are carried out for larger transport projects in the planning phase, the actual changes in effects of executed investments have rarely been investigated. This gap should be closed with a multistep process.


The aim of this project is to get specific answers to the following questions: 

  • Which spatial changes can be observed in the catchment area of the S-Bahn Zurich.
  • What causes can be assigned to these developments. The influence of the S-Bahn is the most important.
  • What insights can be obtained for future projects, for the development of monitoring systems and for the applicability of the provided methodology.

In a first phase a methodology for the analysis of actual changes in impact of transport infrastructure (ex post analysis) was developed.

Based on this methodology case studies will be developed, which will enable to gain from the findings information about further developments in the future and at the same time to review the methodology. This case study Zurich S-Bahn is the first of 4 preliminary case studies. The spatial effects in the catchment area of the S-Bahn Zurich system based on particular issues of the cantons will be defined, investigated and explained.

The nationwide monitoring of the transport infrastructure spatial impact will be planned in next steps.


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Swiss Government: State Secretariat for Education and Research
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A study which defined spatial changes and causes of these changes that can be observed in the catchment area of the S-Bahn Zurich.

Innovation aspects

A definition of spatial changes caused by transport infrastructure.

Policy implications

Results of the project can be used as a decision supporting tool in the field of public transport infrastructure.

Strategy targets

Decreasing of the environmental influence of transport.


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EU Contribution


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