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Experimental Data and Models for Upgrading Lightning Protection Requirements



Experimental Data and Models for Upgrading Lightning Protection Requirements

Background & policy context: 

protection requirements play a key role in air transport and have
recently become an important field of research. In this regard, FULMEN
will gather and analyse relevant data and provide models for improving
and upgrading the current regulations.


The main aim of the project is to provide the European aeronautical
administration with new methods for defining the lightning threat for
each new aircraft and provide a more realistic and quantitative
evaluation of the threat level to be sustained by the structure or
equipment. The sub-goals are:

  • Establishing a critical analysis of present regulations.
  • Providing a comprehensible collection of field lightning data.
  • Elaboration of an analysis and physical study of lightning/aircraft interaction both for internal (equipment level) and external threats (airframe level).
  • Global synthesis of findings including new definitions of the external threat, zoning and test waveforms, and corresponding upgraded regulation requirements.
  • Setting up statistical evidence of correlation with observed measurements or incidents.

  • Methodology: 

    The project will carry out:

    • an analysis of available regulatory documents
    • a collection and analysis of available data
    • a definition of the external environment and implied factors
    • a synthesis of the conclusions of findings

    Institution Type:
    Institution Name: 
    European Commission; Directorate-General for Energy and Transport (DG TREN; formerly DG VII)
    Type of funding:


    • United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (GB)
    • British Aerospace (GB)
    • Centre d'Essais Aeronautique de Toulouse (FR)
    • Dornier (DE)
    • Eurocopter France (FR)
    • Office National d'Etudes et de Recherches Aerospatiales (FR)
    • Saab SA (SE)

    Contact Name: 
    Mr Frank Uhlig
    Aerospatiale SNI
    +33 1 4697 3890
    Fax Number: 
    +33 1 4697 3008