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External noise costs due to road and rail traffic in Switzerland (02043)

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Background & Policy context

Following the mandate from the Federal Council dated 20 October 1982 the Department of Transport, Communications and Energy, Transport Policy Section (formerly "Service study of transport or SET") of the Federal Office Spatial Development (ARE) regularly  calculates external costs of transport.

According to Art. 7 al. 3 of the Federal Law of 19 December 1997 concerning a levy on heavy goods traffic related to benefits, "the external costs and benefits of HGV traffic will be maintained regularly. These accounts will be based on the state of scientific knowledge. " An update of external costs caused by transport noise is necessary for 2000.


The purpose of the study is to determine the amount of external costs caused by the noise of road and rail transport for 2000 throughout Switzerland.


The monetary valuation of unhedged related to noise pollution transport damage promotes transparency of costs. It also provides a basis for internalisation of external costs, thus meeting the ecological and economic aspects of the principle of sustainable development that governs the current transport policy. Thus, the results will justify the increase in heavy vehicle fee related to benefits provided in 2005.


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