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EYEVID project aims to develop tools to study the road infrastructure in terms of road safety (BRD). 

The project will  develop a comprehensive set of tools to assess the security resulting from the lack of visibility or the visibility of the key elements for the proper and safe driving on the road network. The kit will have modular construction and include positions for: critical road sections qualification, BRD eyeglass research in real-time traffic and simulation conditions, and program for operationalization and development of BRD test results.

The project is dedicated  to the particular  users - investors road network, auditors, local government units and is carried out in close cooperation with them. 


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The main argument for using BRD road assessments and audits is their relatively low costs in terms of the high benefits (primarily social and economic) that they carry with them. 

According to the assessment of the National Traffic Safety Council, the cost of a road accident in Poland amounts to approximately PLN 1 million. Improving road safety through regular audits BRD should be able to significantly reduce the number of fatalities and injuries and reduce social and economic costs by identifying road sections with high potential for improvement in BRD.

This project results are production and verification of tools for conducting objective BRD audits for existing and planned roads not only in the TEN-T trans-European transport network, but also in other "lower" classes. The project used  modern IT and biometric tools for evaluation and audits of BRD, including first of all the ophthalmic techniques and high-class driving simulators. Modern ophthalmic devices allow you to define dynamic areas of interest for the observer, adjusted in size and location to the changing driver's environment.

The overall result  of the project was  developing of  the  set of tools for carrying out infrastructure research and road environment. This kit, using state-of-the-art engineering and IT technologies, systematizes the implementation of BRD audits and automates the process of compiling data from detailed investigations. The developed engineering tools and the methodology of their use will provide unique capabilities for describing and evaluating engineering communication solutions, and in the course of detailed research, they will objectify the results and significantly reduce the human error factor in the field of security research. 


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