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While surrounding countries such as The Netherlands, Denmark, France, and Austria are developing electric vehicle (EV) markets, the markets in Germany and Belgium are lagging behind. This Action conducted a study with an integrated pilot, in view of future roll-out.

It deployed 241 multi-standard fast chargers in Germany and 37 in Belgium. This represents less than 3% of the estimated infrastructure needs by 2020, in Germany. The Action was located on several TEN-T corridors (North Sea-Mediterranean, Orient-East Med, Scandinavian-Mediterranean, Rhine-Alpine, North Sea-Baltic corridors, etc).

It was complemented by a twin application, FAST-E (CZ/SK) which deployed 29 fast chargers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, on corridors connecting to Germany. An innovative open source ICT-platform across the entire EV value chain facilitated integrated end-to-end EV services, available to all market participants.

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Belgium, France, Germany
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Allego Bv

Westervoortsedijk 73
6827 Arnhem