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Forecast of the extent of the energy demand of transport

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Background & Policy context

In the framework of the preparation of the 6th EU Framework Programme, the concept of ERA (European Research Area) is becoming a true objective, aiming at the strengthening and the integration of the European research work. This framework and our future joining of the EU emphasise even more the importance of key European documents, such as the CTP (Common Transport Policy) and the Green Paper (Toward the security of the European strategy of the energy supply).


The Green Paper outlines the following future vision in the field of transport as a result of the execution of the CTP:

  • the revival of the railway,
  • the reorganisation of the road traffic,
  • the establishment of the Trans European freight transporting railway network,
  • the restriction of the use of the private vehicles, the support of the public transport,
  • the utilisation of the principle 'the polluter pays'.

As a result, decisive changes can be expected in the division of labour and the energy consumption in the field of transportation and we must be prepared - using realistic estimation. In the field of transportation, the knowledge of the expected energy consumption is also important as far as the Hungarian obligations related to the prevention of the global climate-changes are concerned.


The project is divided into three parts:

  1. European documents;
  2. Materials related to the development of transport;
  3. Transport performances, transport work; specific energy consumption and energy consumption.


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In the first part, the documents influencing domestic transport can be found, such as e. g. the 'White Paper' presenting the common transport policy, the 'Green Paper' dealing with the safe energy supply of Europe, as well as the presentation of the methods of 'Mobility management' supporting sustainable development.


The second part presents the development of the concepts related to the development of Hungarian transportation, the Hungarian transport policy already valid and the initiatives for its modernisation, development or the Hungarian contribution to the European program and the ideas of the CEMT concerning the development of European transportation.


The third part presents the expected energy demand of transportation until 2015 on the basis of the ideas related to the expected specific energy consumption and sectoral transport performances using the latest statistical data available.

Policy implications

It is advised that the Ministry in the development of our transport policy should apply the findings of the study.


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