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Background & Policy context

The delivery of information to drivers in vehicles will in the future be increasingly reliant on having accurate position-related data and timely delivery to the driver. Any information that has a regulatory aspect, even if only used to inform the driver, will need to reflect the true conditions on the road at the current time.


For example, a speed limit may vary along a section of road due to the presence of traffic calming measures, or a temporary speed restriction may be in force due to the presence of road works. Under such circumstances, the correct function of vehicle navigation systems requires static data to be augmented with dynamic data from a reliable or validated source database.

A delivery means is also required to ensure that the dynamic data can be received by the vehicle systems and correctly correlated with static data


The ProbeIT project aims to build and demonstrate a system that will both allow dynamically changing information from traffic authority databases to be transmitted to vehicles, and for sensor data from vehicles to be received back and processed. The work was undertaken in 3 phases of integration:

  • Non dynamic data flow phase involved the collection of underlying map data to be used in the digital maps for navigation ;
  • The dynamic data flow phase involved production of data concerning speed limits, parking, dynamic navigation, real-time speed/traffic information;
  • And the final floating vehicle application phase concerned advanced probe vehicle information such as road works or air bag alert, and this last phase was not fully integrated during the project.


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The ProbeIT project implemented and demonstrated a framework for the sourcing and exchange of geo-referenced information between traffic management systems, an integrated data source, and in-vehicle systems such that the data is always timely and accurate.

The research was undertaken in the following three phases:

1. Phase 1 looked at the potential for non-dynamic data flow such as digital maps for navigation. The achievements during this phase included the acquisition of static information in relation to: speed limits and waiting restrictions, though variability in the formatting of reference needed to be match to the ProbeIT database.

2. Phase 2 looked at potential for dynamic data flow, such as static speed limits and parking restrictions, dynamic navigation, real time variable speed limit information and real-time traffic information. The achievements during this phase included the acquisition of dynamic information such as: Variable speed limit information on the M25 that could be accessed using TIH, QMISS CORBA based information service.

3. Phase 3 looked at the potential for advanced probe vehicle i

Policy implications

The project is expected to provide an open architecture model which can be further developed by manufacturers, commercial service providers and traffic authorities in particular, in order to attain a sustainable system data collection, processing and delivery process for ITS applications.


Key Findings
No results directly relevant to this theme. However, please note that some findings relevant to the project's key theme (Vehicle Technology) are generically applicable.

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Policy Implications
No policy implications directly relevant to this theme. However, please note that some policy implications relevant to the project's key theme (Vehicle Technology) are generically applicable.

Intelligent Transport Systems

Key Findings


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