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Fossil-free transport and travel: The Government’s work to reduce the impact of transport on the climate

Fossil-free transport and travel

Fossil-free transport and travel: The Government’s work to reduce the impact of transport on the climate

Background & policy context: 

Sweden will be one of the world’s first fossil-free welfare countries. To achieve this, all actors in society must work actively to reduce emissions. By taking responsibility for our climate impact at home, we are demonstrating leadership on the world stage. The transition to a green society creates new jobs. This is why the Government is investing in renewable energy, fossil-free travel and investment support for reduced emissions.

To break fossil-fuel dependence and reduce emissions, a transition of the transport sector is both necessary and possible. This requires a society where we use transport in a smarter way. Adequate change can only be accomplished through a society that is more transport-restrictive in combination with more resource-efficient vehicles and a transition to renewable types of energy and electrification.


How can we achieve fossil-free transport and travel?

  1. To achieve a fossil-free vehicle fleet, several actions must be taken.
  2. Society must make smarter use of transport, including transferring goods transport from roads to railways and shipping. Fossil fuels must be replaced by sustainable fuels, such as biofuels.
  3. There must be more electrification in the transport sector.

More renewable energy sources provide conditions for fossil-free transport and travel
The Climate leap – support for local climate investments
Carbon dioxide tax that continues the move towards renewable energy
Increased low-level blends
Changed deduction regulations for hydrogenated vegetable oils
Vehicle premium for vehicles with very low emissions
Reduced taxable benefit for certain green cars
Bonus-malus system for light cars
Increased appropriation for railway maintenance
Focus on travel-free meetings at government agencies
Energy labelling of vehicles
Road wear tax on heavy goods vehicles
Heavier and longer goods vehicles
The Swedish Energy Agency coordinates energy transition in the transport sector
Fossil Free Sweden
The Green Transition

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