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Foundations of the perspectives of tourism transport, Module M13 / 2 (02024)

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Background & Policy context

In the  frame of the perspective work on the future development of passenger traffic in Switzerland (2000 to 2030) it is needed to know  the individual trip purposes accurate. On the one hand, the status quo is considered in more detail, on the other hand statements are made about the future development. Information about each trip purpose are to facilitate the assessment of the overall future mobility. The tourism and the traffic generated thereby are at the centre of this order. Leisure traffic (module M13 / 1) will be processed in parallel and coordinated with the present module M13 / 2.


The aim of the order are statements about the trends in two areas affecting tourism:

  • Trips of people living in Switzerland
  • Switzerland as a destination of tourism trips

The statements on these two areas should be  analysed more  in details according to the existing data and based on a literature review  and own knowledge. The statements should be suitable as a basis for further work on the outlook. In other words, the statements shall include information on the future development of distance in relation to the tourism passenger kilometres.


Within this project trips were treated with at least one foreign overnight. For these trips the past development and the main influencing factors were analysed. Based on this, made statements about the future development of tourism traffic. The findings are included in the scenarios work of ARE.


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